The discs allow movement between the vertebrae

Be patient. Recovery from spine surgery can take a while. You should gradually increase your levels of physical activity. The information contained in this booklet is intended to be a general guide. Every case is different. Your physiotherapist can help you if you are concerned about your recovery and how to best care for it. Your experience will be improved if you have a good understanding of the spine and your surgery.

You should read this booklet to learn about the restrictions and modifications that will be made. The tips can be used both before and after surgery. Superman’s exercise can help you correct posture. Start in a neutral, stomach-down position. Your arms should be outstretched. Each arm should precio de operación de hernia discal be lifted two inches above the floor. Then lower the arm. Next, lift each leg one at a a time. Hold for a few second and then lower it down.

When you face the possibility of back surgery you may not be thinking about ways to remain active during your recovery. Instead, your thoughts are likely focused on how soon you will be able to resume normal activity, however that may look for you. During your recovery, you should also stay as active as possible. Although you’ll want to get plenty of sleep, especially in the days immediately following the operation, stretching and low-intensity exercise can help ensure a quick recovery.

Most patients are concerned about how long they will be out of work after a back operation. What will my ability to perform everyday tasks be? You will be concerned about this because you want to inform your employer in advance and prepare for the time away. In light of this, it is important to remember that the time needed for recovery from back surgery will depend on several factors.

It is obvious that a less-invasive surgery will require less time for recovery than a more-invasive one. Incisions tend to be smaller and there are less surgical wounds. Your recovery time will be determined by the procedure that you choose to treat your back pain. The type of treatment you receive will depend on other factors like the degree of damage to your spine, age and spinal condition. Minimally invasive surgery may not be an option for everyone.

Minimally invasive back surgeries include endoscopic spinal surgery (ESS), in which micro-tools are inserted via a long, flexible and thin tube known as the endoscope. These tools can be used to remove or relieve your pain by decompressing the spine. For an ESS, you will need to recover for two or three days, then return to work after a week (if your job is sedentary) and take approximately six weeks to fully heal.

The recovery time for more invasive procedures such as traditional spinal fusion surgeries, disc replacements and discectomies is significantly greater. Recovery time can be as much as six to eight weeks, before the patient can do even light housework. And it can take six to twelve months before the full recovery is complete.

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